Start 29 July 2021 00:00 End TBA

We are seeing some strange issues with Google Play Apps and YouTube at the moment. Networking are on it and investigating. Google Play is not downloading or updating apps and YouTube is buffering when using the app however only for some users.YouTube may be OK when using it through a browser. Please follow progress in the Users group on Facebook for updates

Update 2/8 16:30 - the issue is ongoing however we have narrowed the issue down to two google cache servers being hosted by IX Australia showing extensive packet loss. We are going to see what we can do to get these switched off.

Update 3/8 09:00 - Despite our efforts we have been unable to stop Google from serving content to us from these servers, however we have a promising new theory on how to get IX Australia to fix their Google Cache servers.

Update 3/8 09:14 - It appears that the Google Cache servers at IX Aus have finally managed to phone home and tell the Google network not to use those servers to serve us content. So for us, it appears all is fixed (they still need to fix their servers).

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