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Launtel Residential

We provide low congestion, fully flexible nbn™ connections for Tasmanian customers.

Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) | Fibre to the Node (FTTN)

Three Steps to automated connection:
1. Setup a user account (2 mins)
2. Connect a service (2 mins)
3. Start enjoying fast internet (usually less than 20 mins).

High Speeds up to 1000Mbps (Gigabit connections) – but you can change your speeds up and down daily as you need.

No obligation, free 7 Day Trial of 100/40 speed connection – you’ve got nothing to lose!

No Contracts – just charge your account after the trial if you want to. If you don’t want to continue, just let it cancel.

No congestion – unlike other carriers we buy enough bandwidth to ensure our network doesn’t crawl in peak periods.

Generous data limit that accumulates in to a DataBank that doesn’t expire, and FREE Data between Midnight and 6am.

No Call Centres – the self-service portal does all you need but if you do need us just shoot a message through on Facebook Messenger and our local team will assist.

Fast DIY Activation – Hit the Connect now button, create a user account and then activate a service at your address. The portal will automate with nbn ™ in as little as 20 minutes!

Save money – there are no connection or disconnection fees. You can even disconnect or go on standby when you go away for holidays.

Our Entry Point


The Others Max


Quarter Gigabit


Half Gigabit


Holy Grail: Full Gig


Frequently Asked Questions

Click the Connect Now button and you'll be asked to create a User Account. Once that's verified (automated through email) you can then connect a service. If it's an FTTP service you will get an email confirming connection in as little as 5-20 minutes but nbn™ warn it can be up to 48 hours (but that's not ever happened).

If you're a Fibre to the Node customer, we need to manually provision your service. This can take a bit longer than 20 minutes depending on when you do it (we do have to sleep sometimes).

This will trigger your free trial. Only at the end of the free trial you'll be asked if you'd like to recharge your account. If you don't want to your connection will just disconnect but you can reconnect again another time when you're ready.

Warning: you may start getting overjoyed on how easy this is and start changing your speeds now and then!

We don't recommend it. Telco routers are often programmed for their network or bundled with other things that can slow your connection down. Also most won't go any faster than 100mbps. If you want to enjoy Gigabit speeds, you'll likely need a new router and make sure your cables are Cat6 (Cat 5 and 5e will choke your network).

Pfft! You only have cancellation costs if you're in a contract. We want to keep our customers by delivering a great product day in day out, so there's no contracts. But if you do want to leave for any other reason, just don't recharge your account. It will automatically cancel with no fees to do so.

That's up to you. Sadly many people are in contract with their existing telco so even if they love our connection they need to wait until their existing contracts run out. Remember to be a good friend too, don't let your mates sign a new contract without giving us a go first.

You can however it's not included free of charge. A Real World Static IP will soon be listed as an option at 25c per day.

You can change as often as you like. If you change it a couple of times in one day, you will be charged for the highest speed you choose within that day. The fees are not pro-rata, so if you had a half gig connection for 4 hours of the day you'll pay for a half gig connection.

*We recommend doing any changes to your speed prior to 11pm just in case nbn's system takes more than the couple of usual minutes to change it.

In the residential portal under the service you wish to disconnect, you'll see a button just under the speed change button. Just disconnect. Your credit will remain there until you come back and reconnect. There's no reconnection or disconnection charges.

Let's start by saying nothing will ever be as good as pure fibre (FTTP). But, there are two parts to an internet connection.

First is the technology used for the connection - Fibre to the Node uses a mix of technology including copper and for some connections this can really impede speed but for most we've been able to get great speeds. For Fixed Wireless this technology uses local towers to beam the nbn to your house. The speed at what FW can operate is limited by the congestion to that tower.

The second part Launtel can control - that's the quality and bandwidth available on the network itself. Once you've got to the first part of fibre network then you'll be getting the same low congestion network that we offer to everyone.

In short FTTN and FW can have choke points outside of our control, but many of the complaints around speed with other carriers are actually caused by congested networks.

But you can always trial us and if you don't think we're any better you can switch to another carrier.

Yes. However 25GB is added to your DataBank each day. Any data you use will be deducted from this balance. Your unused data will accumulate up to 750GB. If this balance reaches zero you will be slowed to 1Mbps ("shaped").

Other carriers may say limitless (or even liimitless) but you can't reach high amounts of download because their network chokes too much.

For us it's all about fair usage and managing the extraordinary high cost of backhaul here in Tasmania (5-10 times what it is elsewhere in the country).


We’re dedicated to an open and transparent relationship with our customers.

7 Day Risk Free Trial – Extended!

We’re still offering a 7 day free trial! Just go to connect now and you could be like with a super fast connection in as little as 20 minutes!

Have more questions?

We understand you might have a question that’s not covered above. If so, contact your local launtel team here.